Growth Phase

So you are in private practice already… Congratulations!

How far along are you and where are you feeling stuck?  Do you know where to focus your efforts?

Most clinicians in this phase kind of fall on a spectrum...


Started but not getting clients - maybe you are in the category of having some systems in place for seeing clients, you have an office, but you are having a hard time getting clients to come through the door. You are ready to grow, but you have not developed steady referral sources to bring new clients in.

Moving from part-time to full-time - maybe you are in this category and have a part-time private practice and you are trying to figure out how move into it full-time.  You are starting to grow and but the number of referrals seems to be a bit spotty or inconsistent. And you are not sure how to determine if it is time to make the move to full-time private practice.  Can you make it financially?

Full-time and overwhelmed -   maybe you are growing and have gone full-time but the administrative side of your practice is consuming a lot of your time which takes away from session time and the downtime you need. You just need to figure out how to work more efficiently and handle the administrative and business side of your practice better

Regardless of which category you fall into, I can help!


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In this growth phase category, your focus should be all about marketing and networking. You need to be developing a diversity of referral sources to help grow and sustain your practice.

  • Put time into making sure your website is optimized(SEO); be sure to blog regularly to establish yourself as an expert
  • Use social media to help get the word out about your practice and the fact that you are taking new clients.
  • Contact w/ doctor's offices, chiropractors, other therapists, and other professionals; create a practice flyer with your contact information to let them know you are accepting new referrals
  • List your practice in local and national directories (ie., Psychology Today, Therapy Den, Good Therapy, Google Business, etc.)
  • Consider offering workshops or seminars for local organizations
  • Consider if you might want to join some insurance panels and become credentialed with some select insurance companies.


Here are some blog posts and podcast episodes, that will give other ideas and resources for marketing and networking:

Free Email Marketing Course From AWeber


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In this growth phase category, in addition to marketing and networking, you need to focus on the practice management and financial side of your practice and your personal finances.  You need to make sure you have the financial viability, practice processes, and reserves in place to sustain you during slow periods and downtime.

  • Meet with an accountant or other financial professionals to discuss your current financial situation
  • Make sure you are prepared for tax season and that you are paying self-employment taxes
  • Form a business entity (LLC) to help protect your personal assets (* is an inexpensive way for doing this)
  • Focus on getting your debt as low as possible


Here are some blog posts, podcast episodes, and other resources I would recommend:

Fresh Books Accounting Software


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In this growth phase category, you have experienced phenomenal growth. Congratulations! In this category, you need to focus on processes and systems. It’s time to start doing more automation of tasks and also delegating.  You are probably at a point where you need to hire an administrative person either virtual or in-house.

  • Learn how to get more efficient with your processes by documenting what you do each day; do a time study for yourself
  • Focus on time management and productivity skills (Michael Hyatt's content is a great resource for this)
  • Batch your workflow; block off time to do your tasks
  • Delegate, delegate, delegate!
  • This is really the time to consider hiring an admin person or virtual assistant


Here are some blog posts, podcast episodes, and other resources I would recommend:


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Overall, this Growth Phase of private practice is one of the most exciting and challenging times. It will help you set the stage for future growth and the success of your practice.

Gordon Brewer

L. Gordon Brewer, Jr., MEd, LMFT

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