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  • Learn how to use the tools of Google Workspace in your practice
  • Learn how to make Google Workspace HIPAA secure
  • Get access to GMail Hacks Sheet
  • How to use Google Workspace as a practice platform
  • PLUS other bonuses and discounts

Pick your time with this FREE automated webinar on how to use Google Workspace in your practice to increase your productivity.

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  • Learn what is needed to start a group practice
  • Learn 3 things to consider when starting a group practice
  • Understand some of the mindset shifts needed in starting a group practice
  • Learn how to get the support you need in starting a group practice and scale your practice
  • PLUS bonus materials and discounts

This is a pre-recorded FREE webinar with selected automated times. Please choose a time/date in the calendar above that works in your schedule for this 1-hour long presentation that comes with a lot of information for who are interested in, or who are already in, group practice.

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  • Learn some of the ins and outs of accepting insurance in your practice
  • Learn some of the pros and cons of being on insurance panels
  • Find out if you might be "leaving money on the table" by not being on insurance panels
  • Learn some of the systems and processes you will need in accepting insurance
  • All of this might be easier than you think!
  • PLUS special bonus materials and discounts

Register for this FREE webinar on accepting insurance in your practice. Learn if adding insurance panels to your practice is right for you. Accepting insurance in your practice might not be as difficult as you think!