Focus Group

For Small Group Practice Owners 


(AKA Mastermind Group)

What: Focus Group (for insurance based small group practice owners) 

When: The next cohort starting July 2023

Where: Zoom Meetings

Why: to help you run a small group practice, sustainably, efficiently, and productively

The Group Practice Focus Group was started after getting feedback from small group practice owners wanting more support in running their group practices. In particular, the specific niche of small group practices (10 or less people) who are also insurance based.

The purpose of this Focus Group is to provide a community and support for those of us who own and run small insurance based group practices. With the special challenges of navigating third party payers and providing services in communities that are dependent on using their insurance benefits, this Focus Group is here to help.

The management of collections, payroll, and staffing can be challenging. If you are running or even starting a group practice, this Focus Group is here to help you navigate the intricacies of insurance based group practices. This group will help you get the systems and processes you need in place to run your small group practice as stress free as possible.

One of the best ways to get ahead in private practice is with support and having trusted colleagues to support and be with you along the way.

I knew nothing about private practice when I was getting started and growing. But through the help of others my practice began to thrive and grow. This was especially true when I started a group practice.

So in order to grow and be successful in your group practice, having a group of people you can trust and know well gets you ahead faster!

Get started NOW and apply to join the next Focus Group. It will make all the difference in the world!


Registration is limited! So apply now to help reserve your spot

Wondering if it's for you?

A focus group is for you if...

  • You are motivated to grow your practice and take it to your next level.
  • You are open to brutally honest feedback and the support of others in similar places
  • You want to learn the how to better navigate the business side of running a small group private practice.
  • You are feeling stuck about what to focus on in your practice. 
  • You want to be more organized and have a specific plan of action.
money matters

You deserve to getting the support you need.  

Here's what you will get.

Save Yourself Time

You will save yourself hours of time researching business practices and marketing skills.

Plans For Growth

It will give you plans to help you grow and expand your practice.


You will learn how to get client referrals and build a referral base that will keep your practice sustained and growing.


Learn some of the various ways to compensate your people to find what is best for your practice.

Ask Your Questions

Have a safe place to ask your questions and get honest feedback on the things you are working on.

Business & Financial

Learn how to better manage the business and financial side of private practice.

Technical Skills

You will learn about technology that you can use to help you work effectively as you start and grow your group practice

Getting Feedback

Have a way to hold yourself accountable through the support and encouragment of others.


What: Focus Groups (AKA Mastermind Groups)

When: Next cohort starting in July of 2023 (Meets the 2nd and 4th Thursday at 2pm ET)

Where: Zoom Meetings (2x a month)

Why: Because your practice needs it!

Cost: Just $249 $219 a month for 6 months

How It Works...

  • The Focus Groups meet regularly at a specific times each month. 
  • There is a structure and leadership to stay focused and on track.
  • Focus Group members will be paired with each other to get additional support and have an accountability partner
  • You will have access to resources through the Practice of Therapy
  • Meetings are limited to 1 hour and to only a few people (no more than 6 to 10 people in each cohort).  
  • Meetings are held through video conferencing on Zoom or other video conferencing platform. 
  • With the Focus Group, there is also access to a private space in Circle so people can stay in contact and communicate between meetings.
  • The time commitment is for a minimum of 6 months meeting at least 2 times a month.

Unsure if this is for you?

Let's book at discovery call and talk about this. You really should know if this is going to be a good fit for you. Use the button below to access my Calendly to schedule a time to chat.

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Not sure you can do this? I've got a story for you...

I remember when I first made the decision to go into private practice. I really didn't know where to start or have someone show me how. I knew I needed a place to meet with clients, but knew nothing about how I needed to do the whole business side of things. 

So I began by talking to other people that were in private practice. Some gave some good advice. And... some not so good. But when I connected with a Focus Group (mastermind group) with other practice owners at the same stage I was in, things really began to take off! We helped each other and learned how each of us were approaching the questions and problems we were all having.

We met twice a month via Zoom and would share what we were working on our practices and where we were feeling stuck. After a few months we all had a clear vision and plan for how we wanted to run our practices and what exactly we needed to be focusing on to get us there. 

I've seen people make that leap from having a solo practice to starting and building thriving group practices... There are so many success stories that have come out of the Focus Groups I have been involved with.

I've seen tons of people find success through the support of a Focus Group. I know it can work for you too. I've seen what gets results—and I'd love to share it with you.

So... are you in?