consultingWhether you are ready to make the move into private practice or take your practice to the next level, you have come to the right place!

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How consulting can help you

When people begin thinking about going into private practice as a therapist, counselor or life coach, they usually are not sure where to start or what to focus on first.  Consulting with someone who has already done it and had experience in helping other therapists get their start, puts you ahead of the curve.

  • Focused Plan:  Walking you through and developing a plan of action to know where you want to go with your practice
  • Setting Priorities: Knowing what to put your energy into to help your practice get started
  • Developing a Niche: Learn how to develop a niche that is something you enjoy and that you are passionate about
  • Creating Multiple Streams of Referrals:  Develop ways to create multiple referral sources so that you stay booked and have caseloads that are full
  • Business Knowledge: I will help you learn some of basic business knowledge you will need to run a successful private practice (the stuff they didn’t teach you in graduate school!)
  • Marketing Strategies: Getting yourself known in the community especially having a booming online presence.
  • Practice Management Tools:  Develop the forms, tools and systems that are individualized for your practice.
  • Knowing what rates to charge:  Learn how to set rates that help you meet your personal financial goals and cover your expenses
  • Diversifying Income:  Learn how to create multiple streams of income for your practice

Is consulting for you?

  • Are you self-motivated and willing to put the “sweat equity” into starting a private practice?
  • Are there areas of starting a private practice you are unsure of or lack the knowledge for doing?
  • Do you have a vision of what your private practice might look like once it is up and running?
  • Do you enjoy getting feedback and direction?

If any of these questions strike a chord for you, then consulting with me or another consultant might be a good fit for you.

Time Commitment – Starting or growing a private practice does require an investment of time.  Generally I advise people to be willing to make at least weekly if not a daily time commitment on your own.  The time spent in consulting can vary depending on your need.  I generally try to meet with people several times a month in the initial stages of starting their private practice.  After that, as your confidence builds, you need less of time consulting.

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Ways to Take Part in Consulting


Practice Launch Club

If you are in those beginning stages of private practice, The Practice Launch Club will give you the support you need to learn and implement all the stuff you need.  The Practice Launch Club is an exclusive membership community that provides group coaching along with the peer support.

  • Monthly Zoom Group Meetings
  • Monthly trainings and webinars
  • Resource Library & Templates
  • Community Slack Board for Support
  • Quarterly Individual Coaching
  • Affordable Monthly Cost

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Focus Groups

A Focus Group (AKA Mastermind Group) is simply a group of peers and colleagues meeting together with a specific purpose and commitment to learning from each other.  The groups are limited to 6-7 people so that we can have the intensity and time to process in the group. Focus Groups met for 2 hours each month for 6 months.

The Practice of Therapy Focus Group is geared specifically for small group practices that are also insurance based or thinking of starting to take insurance.

A Focus Group can help by:

  •  Mutual support. All of us are at different places in our journey and have differing levels and areas of expertise.  By coming together in a group like this, you get the support of others who are either working through the same things or have been there before.
  • Multiple perspectives.  When working through difficult or complicated issues, it is always helpful to get multiple perspectives and look at things from different angles. The group can give you this diversity and multiple ways of looking at things.
  • Resources.  Everyone has different gifts and talents.  A mastermind group can give you access to resources and knowledge that you might not have thought of.
  • Accountability.  Having a group to be accountable to always help put things in action. Knowing that you will be sharing with the group just has a way of driving you towards getting things done.

Learn more about Focus Groups Here…


Individual Consulting

Individual consulting allows you to have one-on-one attention and intensity. Individual consulting can help you put together a plan that is individual to you and fast-track you in your goals. What you will get with individual consulting:

  • Project and action plans for you to work on that help you get the “best bang for the buck” as you start out.
  • How to develop a web presence including how to set-up a website and website design basics
  • Help with setting up your office including paperwork and practice management systems
  • Help with financial management and basic bookkeeping techniques
  • Marketing plan development and ways to build referral sources
  • Access to practice building and clinical resources
  • Being able to learn from experienced therapists in private practice

Financial Investment

After a free initial 15 minute consult to evaluate and discuss your goals, we will collaborate and put together a plan based on your individual need.

For the Practice Launch Club Membership Community the investment is $87 a month.  The PLC is specifically for those clinicians in the beginning stages of starting a private practice which is why we keep the cost a little bit lower.  Membership is ongoing until you cancel.  You can cancel at anytime no questions asked.

For the Focus Group the investment is $249.00 a month for 6 months.  You would then meet with the group 2 hours each month for 4 months.  You would also have access to a private Facebook group for consulting clients to help keep you connected between meetings and thereafter.

One session of individual consulting is $398.  A 3-month consulting “package” is available which includes meeting for an initial 1-hour intensive consultation, then meeting 2x a month for 1 hour via Google Meet or Zoom (3-month minimum commitment). This package is $636.00 a month for 3 months. You will get recordings of the sessions plus support throughout the process. You will also have access to a private Facebook group for my consulting clients.

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Take Action Now

Take your next step by contacting me! Schedule an initial free and no obligation 15 minute interview (email me: with me for us to collaborate and talk about your needs.  This is a way for us to simply have a conversation about your hope and dreams of having a private practice that is successful and fulfilling for you.